Friday, 23 May 2008

Oil shock needs urgent attention

Maidstone Green Party has called for an urgent review of transport in Maidstone with massive investment in public transport and facilities for cyclists following record breaking price rises in oil and at petrol stations. They are also calling for investment in insulation for homes and increasing local food production and its supply.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Maidstone: "The exponential rise in oil through the past year has been predicted for quite a while, yet government has done nothing to prepare for it. Pump prices of £1.30 for diesel are now emerging and are a direct consequence of the global demand for oil outstripping supply. People are aghast at these prices and the effect they are having on their lives.

"The world has been lied to by oil producers. Not only have estimates of oil reserves been inflated, but the inability of companies to increase extraction rates has been ignored. Despite this, demand continues to grow at 2% each year.

"I am very concerned about the effect this is having on the more vulnerable members of society. Alternative transport is in a disasterous state, especially in Maidstone, yet the only long term solution to the crisis is to reduce our oil consumption. However, time is running out to be able to make affordable changes, such as investing in public transport, local food production and its supply, and insulation for homes. The oil shock is already starting to impact on food prices, so the time to act is now."

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