Thursday, 3 April 2008

Manic elections

It has been a manic couple of weeks. Local elections have kicked off and I have been knocking on doors with every spare minute that I have. Looks like the Greens will stand a record number of candidates in Maidstone this year, our support is stronger than I have ever known it and there is a real sea change among people.

We have a good chance of winning in Fant Ward, the 18% vote last year only needs a moderate swing from the Lib Dems to turn it into a win (216 votes based on last year's results and there are 6300 voters registered in the ward).

The public meeting on the Fant Marina is this morning, which I will attend and hopefully speak at. I have yet to find anyone supporting the plan and there seems to unanimous opposition among the local parties. Hopefully we can convince the Planning Inspectorate to turn the appeal down. If you are free, come along to the Museum of Kent Life at Cobtree at 10am today.

Finally, I've been quoted in Red Pepper following an interview at the Green Party conference a couple of months ago, pleased to have been quoted but I'm not sure they picked the best points that I made.

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