Thursday, 3 April 2008

Green Election Launch

The Green Party launched its nation election campaign today in Norwich with Caroline Lucas, our South East MEP leading the launch. Norwich greens are doing very well, they are hoping to become the main opposition party on the council, i.e. the second biggest party. They currently have 10 councillors and are one of the most successful local parties in the country.

Campaigning has continued all week and I have just returned from a couple of hours of door knocking. The support is fantastic, it would great to follow the Norwich example.

I attended the public hearing on the Fant Marina appeal today. There was a strong turnout and opposition to the appeal with around 50 people at the hearing. I have yet to find anyone in favour of the marina and it was good to see the wide variety of objections going to the planning inspector. I spoke quite a few times and hope that I made an impression on the inspector. Figures crossed for the appeal being turned down - the marina will be disastrous for the area if it goes ahead.

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