Saturday, 15 March 2008

Media and elections

The run up to the local elections on 1st May has truly started. Loads of admin to get through plus the crescendo of activity that builds in the preceding months after the Christmas lull. The local media seem to allow us a fair say in the press which is always welcome, indeed I recorded an online piece for Your Maidstone last week - please watch and vote!

Highlight this month was the live piece on Radio Kent at 5.55pm on KCC's arms investments and Unison calling for an end to the investments.

The low light was missing Saoirse on his pilgrimage round the country. He come through Maidstone on Monday about 6 hours later than planned and I couldn't meet up with him. Fortunately the KM did a great piece on his trek this week.

The campaign in Fant Ward will be close and hard fought and every vote will count. It feels like there is even more support than we had last year. 30% of the vote could win the ward, and having got 18% last year, there is everything to play for.

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