Friday, 21 March 2008

The Fant Campaign

The campaign for Fant Ward has really kicked off. I've been out all week canvassing and delivering our quarterly newsletter. The response on the doorstep is fantastic, we've worked hard over the past few years and I think it is starting to get results. I got 18% last year in Fant, 50% more than the previous year, which was 50% more than the year before. If I can continue that trend then I should hit 27%, which with the 5 usual candidates could be enough to win.

The main barrier to getting elected as a Green is the concept that we can't win and a Green vote is a wasted vote. This concept no longer applies in Fant Ward and I think that people realise that we are a serious party with serious ideas and have a serious chance of electoral success.

This sea change is noticeable on the doorstep and given the results of canvassing so far, I think that I could exceed 30% which would put me in a great position and with an excellent chance of taking the ward. Who knows, these things are impossible to predict!

The Tory candidate, Stephen Paine has started his campaign too. Morel tells me that he will be standing again for Labour. I'm not sure whether Carol Vizzard will be standing as an independent again and I don't know who the Lib Dem candidate will be, but I guess I'll find out when their newsletter arrives.

It should be an interesting few weeks...

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