Saturday, 23 February 2008

Widdecombe's approach to climate change

Maidstone Green Party has slammed Ann Widdecombe's approach to tackling climate change as childish, irresponsible and immoral. In a letter sent to local Green Party members, the MP states that to tackle climate change... "It is no good demanding action from our own government in isolation from the rest of the world". The Greens suggest that this lack of leadership in the face of the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions is both irresponsible and immoral.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "Ann Widdecombe's letter demonstrates a disasterous lack of care and consideration for the future. Suggesting that unilateral action will not be effective is simply wrong. It is extremely childish to suggest that we should not take action until others have The UK needs to lead the way.

"With just 8 years left to tackle climate change before feedback mechanisms set in, it is imperative that the UK shows leadership and takes action now - any delay is both irresponsible and immoral. We have a duty to our children to leave the planet habitable.

"There are also immediate benefits from reducing the UK's dependence on oil. Energy prices continue to spiral with the knock on effect on the prices of food and goods. Without clear action to reduce our carbon use we will suffer with increasing poverty.

"While Ann Widdecombe's comments on the need for an international solution are correct, the only fair international solution is one which allows for global equity in the amount of CO2 being produced. Poorer countries that already emit far less than the UK's per capita CO2, should be allowed to increase their output and the big polluters need to bring ourselves in line with them."


Ann Widdecombe's letter:

"While China, India and the United States account for 50% of the world's carbon emissions, I believe that the solution lies in international, rather than merely unilateral action. It is no good demanding action from our own government in isolation from the rest of the world and a more sophiticated approach is needed."

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