Friday, 29 February 2008

KIG letter

Latest letter to the KM on the KIG application:

Dear Editor,

I am finding it increasingly hard to believe any of the claims made by the Tories about their Core Strategy and KIG.

Firstly they claimed that the KIG site was not in an area of search for housing in the Core Strategy, but it was.

Then they claimed that the core strategy had unanimous approval and that the Lib Dems were equally to blame, but the facts suggest otherwise such as the Lib Dem objections during the consultation and their their withdrawal of the Core Strategy when they regained control.

Finally, Cllr Ash's attempts to twist my words in the KM last week. I hadn't stated that his previous letter had said that the KIG land could be used for housing, just that the draft Core Strategy did.

The Lib Dems were, however, wrong to suggest that Maidstone Green Party opposes all housing growth, we desperately need social housing and affordable housing in Maidstone. What we oppose is the rampant expansion required by the Growth Point Status, expansion which now comes with a double whammy as the promised money from government has dried up.

Stuart Jeffery

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