Saturday, 12 January 2008

Tories back down over KIG row

It looks like the Tories have conceded over the KIG row. Their attack in this week's Kent Messenger is on a different front and they now suggest that my theory that the Core Strategy paved they way for the KIG plan is disingenuous. The thing is, no one will ever really know the extent to which the Core Strategy was responsible and we can only make educated guesses - which is what I did.

The thrust of my initial argument was the hypocritical nature of the Tory comment that they would never allow building on the site seems to have been won. The Tories were prepared to cover the area with houses when they were in power and yet were not prepared to stand by their decisions when it suited them and they were no longer in charge. I wonder what their stance would be if they were in charge now?

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