Friday, 18 January 2008

KIG Row Continues!

I have won my battle to get an acknowledgment from the Tories that the KIG site was the same site that they were proposing to put houses over. They changed their tack last week suggesting that their Core Strategy had not encouraged the KIG application rather than continuing to try to defend their original position. This week sees another letter form Steve Hunter in the KM:

"In recent weeks we have seen letters from both the leader and deputy leader of the Conservatives in Maidstone Borough Council published in this newspaper, apparently trying to change public perception over their party's role in the events that led up to teh KIG planning application being submitted.

"As a Bearsted resident, can I say that this just won't wash.

"WE all know that the proposal for a road/rail interchange has been around for a couple of years under more than one name.

"What dismays me is that the local Conservatives went ahead and indicated in teh Local Development Framework that the land in question would be included in an area of search for future development - and then acted surprised when the development was announced.

"As Cllr Garland correctly states, the map in question has no legal planning basis - but this is entirely due to the Lib Dems who threw out the old Core Strategy and have committed themselves to a new consultation on a new strategy.

"If the Conservatives were still in control of Maidstone Borough Council, it is likely that the Core Strategy would have legal status by now.

"What is clear is that the local residents ( and teh KIG developers) believe the Core Strategy opened the door for KIG by indicating the Council's intent. It would appear that it is only the Conservative councillors who cannot add two and two together and get four."

Steve Hunter, The Landway, Bearsted

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