Monday, 28 January 2008

Hypocracy on the Buses

Stephen Paine, the Tories other bright young thing in Maidstone, has blogged on the new Freedom Pass for kids in Kent. The pass allows under 16s unlimited travel for £50 per year and he goes on to say that he will be spreading the word about what a good thing the Tories have done...

Sadly, Stephen ignores the damage that bus services have suffered under Tory hands. If the Conservatives hadn't devastated public transport over the years we might still have a few buses running (although I'm sure Labour would have done the same).

Bus passes for kids are a great idea, as is free travel for the over 60's, but we need buses in order to be able to use them.


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Jim Jepps said...

I think this is right - and a lot of this is down to privatisation - if the company does not see a profit in a route we just don't get the service - and that might mean real problems for many people