Monday, 14 January 2008

Cameron the eco - warrior

This is from the Telegraph. No I don't read it but I do keep an eye on what it prints. This article is interesting, suggesting that eco-warriors fly more that others. Of course it uses the phrase 'eco-adapters' suggesting that these people are 'lifestyle' greens. These are not eco-warriors who hold deep ecology in their souls. David Cameron cycling with his Lexus following behind typifies this lifestyle approach.

To be really green: forget flying, consume less, share more, have fun (phrases plagiarised from more notable greens than me...)

From the Torygraf:

Survey shows eco-warriors are worst polluters

A survey of travel habits has revealed that the most environmentally conscious people are also the biggest polluters.

"Green" consumers have some of the biggest carbon footprints because they are still hooked on flying abroad or driving their cars while their adherence to the green cause is mostly limited to small gestures.

Identified as "eco-adopters", they are most likely to be members of an environmental organisation, buy green products such as detergents, recycle and have a keen interest in green issues.

But the survey of 25,000 people, by the market research company Target Group Index, found that eco-adopters are seven per cent more likely than the general population to take flights, and four per cent more likely to own a car. The survey found similar trends in France and the United States.

Geoff Wicken, the author of the report, pointed to David Cameron, the Conservative leader, as a classic eco-adopter because despite styling himself as a green warrior he also takes flights in private helicopters and planes.

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