Friday, 14 December 2007

KCC investing in death

This week I put a question to the full Council Meeting of Maidstone Borough Council:

"Does this council agree that investing in arms, tobacco and oil companies should be deplored? Will the Maidstone Borough Council call upon Kent County Council to adopt an ethical investment policy and to withdraw its significant shares in arms,tobacco and oil companies?"

KCC has £14 million in arms, £14million in tobacco and £91m in oil as part of their pension fund portfolio that is run for all levels of council in Kent. The Unison doesn't seem bothered by this and the Tories positively encourage this investment. The LibDems don't think that BAE is a problem and the press are not enthusiastic about the issue.

Fortunately my question has prompted a debate at their External Overview and Scrutiny Committee - so a reasonable outcome - but we need to continue to put pressure on and get this issue more widely known. I urge you to write to your county and borough councillors expressing your disgust at these investments. Please also sign the online petition at


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