Sunday, 30 December 2007

Hotson - the truth?

I thought I would publish the letter that Cllr Hotson wrote to the Kent Messenger, published on 20th Dec 07:

"Why is it that Maidstone Green Party always trails behind in local politics? Is it because they wait to be headline makers rather than convey real facts to the electorate who ignore them?

"Mr Jeffery (KM letters, Dec 14) blames last year's Conservative administration for the KIG planning application. The core strategy took more than a year to formulate through public meetings and member consideration.

"The final core strategy was published for consultation, with the unanimous approval of all political groups of the council.

"The KIG site was not included in the areas of search within the core strategy.

"Cllr Eric Hotson, Conservative group leader, Maidstone council"

There seems to be a deliberate attempt to mislead people in his letter (seem my earlier blog on the KIG site). I wasn't going to respond to his letter but I have emailed a short response to the KM today.


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