Sunday, 30 December 2007

Caroline Lucas on Kingsnorth

Letter from Caroline Lucas to the Independent

17 December 2007

Dear Sir

If the Government approves plans for the ill conceived, old-fashioned and environmentally disastrous coal-fired facility at Kingsnorth, it will not only demonstrate an appalling lack of commitment to fulfilling the UK's environmental goals - it will also be a disaster for Kent. (Agreeing to Kingsnorth will signal surrender on targets, Independent, 17 December).

The South East region, including Kent, is likely to be one of the worst hit by climate change, because of its long coastline and low-lying land. Ironically, Kent is also ideally placed to benefit from renewable solutions such as wind and tidal energy generation, which can both deliver energy security and new employment opportunities.

Instead of backing a further coal-fired station at Kingsnorth, this would be an ideal opportunity to invest in renewables and make serious progress towards our EU targets. The Government could start along the right path by backing distributed generation and providing full funding for renewable energy grants for homeowners.

Yours sincerely

Dr Caroline Lucas MEP for the South East of England
Green Party

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Stuart Jeffery said...

Caroline's opposition to this plan is reported on the front page of the Kent on Sunday this week.