Monday, 8 October 2007

Widdecombe confirms stand down

It seems that Ms Widdecombe has now confirmed that she will stand down as Maidstone's MP at the next election, making the next election in Maidstone a little more interesting. AW received over 50% of the vote last time, clearly she had a great deal of support and one must admire her for that.

Things have been going downhill though, since then. As her media career takes off and she writes more books, she is less visible to Maidstone people. Noticeable by her absence from recent NHS protests and the protest on the KIG, apparently no longer living in the borough and not answering requests to attend surgery, I suspect that she has run out of steam. 60 may be the age to retire.

Other Tories are full of steam though. Cameron swung a large number of points in the polls with his bribe of scrapping inheritance tax. Promising our offspring more money in their inheritances clearly persuaded some. I would rather leave my daughter a planet and an environment to be proud of than a wadge of cash anyday.


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