Monday, 29 October 2007

Crass and insensitive advert

Letter to Post Office Ltd regarding the advertising campaign. Send your version to Mr Herbert:

Dear Mr Herbert,

We have already stated our opposition to the closure of these post offices, but we were appalled to see the new advertising campaign pushing the Post Office as the 'People's Post Office'.

Given the devastating impact the closure of these post offices will have on local communities, your advert is at best poorly timed and at worst extremely crass and insensitive. We want thriving post offices to be at the centre of local communities and have no problem with the Post Office promoting itself, but you have chosen an extremely poor time to do this. You are also promoting life assurance for retired people, yet it is exactly these people who will be hardest hit by your closures.

We ask that you withdraw your adverts.

Stuart Jeffery
Prospective Parliamentary Candidiate
Maidstone Green Party

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Stuart Jeffery said...

This went out across Invicta Radio's news on Monday.