Friday, 19 October 2007

Children are the key that unlocks ideas of social justice

This is from the Guardian today in a piece by Polly Toynbee:

"Putting children first would be a social revolution, redesigning everything, turning the world on its head. Walking and cycling in streets safe enough for any unaccompanied young child going to school would take priority over cars, parks over car parks, buses over 4x4s. Youth centres that were palaces of pleasure, where arts, sports, drama, dance and fun would take priority over adult pleasures in the neighbourhood. Children's centres, still a fledgling programme, would be community hubs from before every baby was born. (A report this week finds the first year of a baby's life is most mothers' loneliest time.) Supermarkets would indeed be required to hide away the bad and promote the healthy, with a state unashamed to be the good nanny and raise drink prices steeply. Banning smoking and the London congestion charge show how cultures can be changed, if government has the nerve to do it."

Well said!

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